Thursday, April 26, 2012

The pangs of scorching summer.

The rooms feel like over-heated ovens and there’s no sleep to catch amidst the tossing and turning on the bed all night, until i throw myself on the floor, which gives me some relief. Ahhh! The unbearable pangs of heat! Getting out of home without an umbrella is like inviting sun-burns or a super-tanned skin. You must have noticed the impression of your footwear tattooed white on your feet, or that of your wrist-watch etching it’s way on your hands. You haven’t ? I certainly have! Thanks to the scorching sun.

Even a few drizzles in this scorching summer is a blessing in disguise. So carrying your umbrella around is not a bad idea, it will protect you both from the rain and the sun… and yes, the dogs too!!! 

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Sweet drops from heaven
Trickling down your face, fumes rise
It pours in summer