Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Time heals everything, yes.. but Eternity is time too!

Sometimes we get so obsessed with something new in life, we don't realize as an era passes by. When was the last time you thought of something you used to think a lot about before? The immense fixation on something/someone is of such a superlative order, it's amazing when you stop for a while to retrospect, going back into your memory lane and find things you were obsessed about before, but are not anymore!

The fact that you've come to a juncture where you find time to go back in time, is proof you're coming over your present obsession. At that point of time in the past, your madness would have been so overwhelming, you would never have in your wildest dreams or nightmares, thought that there would come a day when it would not even cross your mind!

Then you wonder whatever happened to that nuttiness you then possessed? Did time play the trick? Was it a change of some sorts? Was the change natural? Were you forced to give up on it and move on? Was it because of you? Was it imposed over you? Strange are the sly games of time! Strange are the covert ways of change! They say Time Heals Everything, but does it really? This phrase has always been an enigma for me! Isn't this sometimes just an indirect way of convincing people to give up on their dreams, their desires? A way of consoling people when nothing more can be said to justify the sequence of actions.

Time does not really heal everything, it just fades everything because our memory cells play a prominent part. Slowly as time passes, you have more latest memories taking place of the old ones. But most of the times, it's not possible to take place of the precious moments noted in your head. It just moves it to the most corner of your mind library, to the restricted section. Initially you force yourself not to think of it, and as time passes it becomes a habit. But it's still there, still alive. Not fresh, but still breathing. 

And during those doltish times when you come over a new obsession, this is the first section you visit. The first thoughts you think of. You miss it. You wonder how life would be had you still been living it. You wonder what went wrong over a cuppa demitasse. And then wiping a tear or two you realize...You might spot new stars shining more brightly in the sky, but the joy of swinging amidst the old ones, though dull.. is simply exhilarating. Time heals everything, yes.. but eternity is time too. 

I think i remember your sweet confession,
Of building this world just for me and you.
But now i look around in strange oblivion,
For now; i see the World, i see Me... but not You!


  1. time doesn't heal anything..we just get used to things..and like you said, memories fade.

    1. Yup... exactly what i feel too! Memories fade, but always come back at times... It neva disappears!

  2. it was a nice and deep post...you said a lot in few words...
    you are right...we get accustomed to hardships with time... :)

    1. Thanks Sarabjeet... :)
      And still people keep saying time heals everything!

  3. Lovely writing, Pranita! First time on your blog! Am reminded of Shakespeare who wrote'he jests at scars that never felt he wound'in classic Romeo and Juliet. The scars of the hurt remain:)

    1. Thank you sir for visiting my blog... Though this isnt your first time.. U might not remember, but you've commented on one of my posts long back.. ;)
      This one -


      Wow.. that is a beautiful line you mentioned...! Cheers! :)

  4. have heard few saying "Time is the Best Healer", bt m still trying to figure it out frm past 4 yrs
    anyway.. awesome Post.. Loved each line of it...
    Keep Smiling..Bless You....Tc


    1. Thanks Sandeep!!! :)
      Time's lessons are a common concept shared by al at one point or another in life.

  5. the post title blew my head off.. great post title..
    and what followed was as amazing and as true. and the poetic lines were so very beautiful.

    i'm amazed at your writing skills, one post was enough to know that. keep writing..and expressing.. :)


    1. Thanks agn Jayanth... u ve been too kind on me today! Hehe.. Comments like these make my day encouraging me to go on.. M glad you liked it.. Cheers! :)

    2. it's not like im being kind :p
      it's like your writing are drawing nothing but awe and praise from me. no, don't thank again.
      you have been too thankful to be today. :P ;)

    3. It's my thanks giving day i guess! ;)

  6. Kudos!!! You Profoundly expressed many things in this short write up!!!
    -Mr. Dream Teamo