Thursday, April 25, 2013

Book Review - Tantra

Book title : Tantra
Author : Adi
Published by : Apeejay Stya Publishing

Anu is a leather wearing, no-nonsense professional guardian with a reputation for killing the most dangerous vampires in New York City. But when her enemies murder the one person she truly cared about, all she wants is vengeance. The only clue points to New Delhi, so Anu puts in for a job transfer.
In India, she finds more than she expected. For one thing, her fellow operatives have made a truce with the vampires. For another, it’s way too hot to wear leather.
At first, it seems Anu’s biggest challenge will be evading the nice boys her aunt wants her to marry. But when children start disappearing, she discovers forces older and darker than anything she’s faced before. All of Delhi is in danger, especially the sexy stranger who sets Anu’s pulse racing.
To prepare for the coming battle, Anu must overcome her personal demons and put aside years of training. This time, her most powerful weapon will come from her mind, not her weapons belt.

India is more about ghosts and spirits. Those are the thrillers we usually expect. But the author has taken a pretty fresh take here in terms of Indian standards by introducing vampires, that too in a place like Delhi. We have been familiar with the blood-suckers, the human ones here in the capital city, but not the vampire version of it!

The lead Anu is a fearless 'pardesi ladki' who comes to India with a transfer from her Guardian circle to combat the vampires of India. Her own secret mission based on pure vengeance is what she has to hide, while she targets the vampire kingdom in India. All the adjusting that takes for a person on coming to India is well verbalized.

The juxtaposition of mythology that screams India and the fantasy of vampires which is a new territory is mentionable. The idea is pretty fresh and surely attracts readers. I like the way the author has also put in fragments of Indian culture in parts where Anu has to keep mailing her mother, as formal may it be; about her well-being and her aunt trying to get her to tie a knot with an Indian guy.

The dry humor is refreshing and different from most Indian authored-novels. Being a reader who has her own reservations about books like these, i would say the book was different, but failed to grip me to it as i expected. The beginning could have been better to keep the attention of the reader intact because i had to compel myself for the beginning pages.

But overall, an interesting read for readers who are fascinated by the world of fantasy, and vampires in particular, because imagining a place like Delhi we know crawling with vampires, with a lady-hunter set to hunt them down is an adventurous thought!!!

Price : Rs.195
Pages : 335
My Rating : 2 on 5

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