Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kohl eyed tears' dilemma - Haiku 'J'


Excited future
Jeweled jasmine heart 
Shy bridal grace in her smile


More anticipation
Marriage jitters 
Kohl eyed tears' dilemma

A traditional South Indian bride's dilemma... The anticipation of the future in an arranged marriage.... Marrying a person you hardly know with blind faith that does most of the times lead to a happy life surprisingly. Yet, the whole concept is so very freaky and unsettling. The horoscopes decide the compatibility and you enter the sacred bond with just a hope that everything turns out for the best!

Jasmine flowers form a very important part in every South Indian marriage to enhance the beauty of the bride and also to greet the lady guests with during the marriage.

This Haiku is written for the April A2Z Heights at Haiku Heights. The prompt is 'JASMINE'. The one i missed out a couple of days back.


  1. Nicely done! It appears arranged marriages do work surprisingly well. It makes one wonder about love at first sight!

  2. a great set of haiku! i loved the first one very much! paints a beautiful bride in the head! and true, the arranged marriage thing is all a little too freaky. I mean, to think of all that could happen. Yet, and for goodness sake, most of them turn out good.
    - - -
    Little Pig Gets A Visit

  3. Beautiful haiku. Soothing and educational. Thanks.

  4. Lovely haiku! The first one glitters with the jewels of beautiful images!

  5. Is there anyone in the world who escapes the marriage jitters? :)

    Cactus Shade

  6. Thank you...
    and enjoyable post...
    interesting to read.

  7. Beautiful...and thanks for the background. Yes, it is freaky to us. Other cultures, other ways of life.

  8. Nice post. I had not realised about the matching of horoscopes helping towards the success of the partnership. This must be quite an ordeal to marry someone you do not know.

  9. Arranged marriages can be scary at times... I am just too scared about this whole concept..

  10. I used to be reserved about arranged marriages but the more I know about relationships the more I'm convinced that it's the amount the work both parties are prepared to put into it that makes it work - how they met becomes less important. I have some respect for the background work that goes into arranged marriages though because as you say compatibility is an important factor in the decision making. As long as it's not forced (those are no-no) and both are prepared for the long haul with mutual respect and love, that's why it works.

    Your Haiku portrays an Indian bride with some apprehension about her future. I love the cultural elements you introduced into your Haiku and yet there is that universality of theme. Many brides and grooms from other cultures experience those feelings. Thanks for sharing this.

  11. Beautiful set of haiku! The first haiku describes the bride beautifully! :)