Sunday, April 21, 2013

When the colors merge to two - Haiku 'S'


Pitch dark forever?
Brightness chasing black shadows
White enlightenment


Face direct sun's wrath
Instant clarity on life
Colors merge to two

The other day as i was riding back from office in the evening, there came a time, a few minutes, when the sun was right in front of me, blinding me to an extent that i could hardly see where i was going. Everything turned black and white. The colorful street merged into two colors.

And then it hit me... Probably this is what happens to people who have attained enlightenment or close! Every aspect of life would be clear to them. No doubts. It's either true or false. White or black. Right or wrong.

I only experienced a thought about enlightenment, which set me wondering how much clarity these people must see the world in..!!!

This Haiku is written for the April A2Z Heights at Haiku Heights. The prompt for today is 'SHADOW'.


  1. Pranita....I am very happy to know about your experience..that's the essence of get inspired..great work..


  2. Wow... yes enlightenment might hit like that but it is all about what you do with it...

    Lovely display with words!

  3. A beautiful haiku. The way you have combined shadow and light and compared it with different facets of life is amazing. Enlightment is what we percieve and how clearly we percieve it! very true! :)

  4. Beautiful haiku derived from your experience Pranitha! Beautifully penned!

    My shadow

  5. Absolutely amazing =) Full of wisdom

  6. Beautiful Haiku Pranita and I loved your interpretation of colors here!

  7. Beautiful thought...
    Reaching that height of enlightenment is the ultimate joy one could enjoy...

  8. Persistent enlightenment, always with us. Good.

  9. Great thinking and written in such a way to enlighten your efforts in Haiku.

  10. Beautiful haiku set, Pranita! A wonderful discovery!


  11. Enlightenment...wonderful take on shadows which have the double meaning of the subconscious. When we can see into the darkness (our subconscious) is when enlightment becomes possible. Well done and intriguing!