Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tremors of memory - Haiku 'V'


Aghast moments lived
Trembling touch, raped spirit
Tremors of memory


Her fuming rage
Outlet is now open
Volcano of emotions

With India fighting its battle for the deserved justice for women, I hereby take the opportunity to do my bit to spread the message of awareness among the people of the world. 

When a person is raped, the body heals and the pain forgotten with time, but the person is scarred for life mentally. The trauma is more mental, than physical. The helplessness, the fear, the feeling of betrayal by own kith and kin, by fellow people, the lack of humanity, the lack of respect, the feeling of being treated as a use-and-throw toy is damaging, in more ways than one. 

Please understand the gravity of the situation and learn to be humans. There is no place for savages in this world. The cruelty is not tolerable anymore. The pride lies in Being Human, being respectable, being a good citizen, a caring person and not in forcing your man-power over a woman. That's not a symbol of your manly-hood, but a sign of cowardice and shamelessness.

I hope a day comes, when a woman does not have to think twice before making a new guy friend. I'm lucky and thankful for having men in my life who understand these sentiments. And i pray the divine, that every girl in this world feels the same safety as i do, with every other guy in this world!

This Haiku is written for the April A2Z Heights at Haiku Heights. The prompt for today is 'VOLCANO'.

The video is a part of the movement we have started as a part of KnowYourStar for transforming the life of women. Dwar is not just a movement, but as the name itself suggests is The-War against all the social ailments our society is suffering from and needs immediate eradication. This virus has spread to the roots of our society and we need the cooperation of every person living, to help in destroying it.

This particular series of videos in Dwar - Winning Women is a part of our RAPE initiative.

Visit this link to know more details about this initiative - 
RAPE : Rise Against Punishable Eccentricity 

How you can contribute? Pen is mightier than a sword. So,

Why Don’t You Join The Movement…

1. Write an article/poem related to Women & Women Empowerment and post in your blog.
2. Link back to the article at this link - with a hyperlink so your readers and friends can join us if they are interested.
3. Enter your name and link into the Linky widget. (It should be the post link, and not your blog link in general. In your blog, click on the post title. The URL in the address bar would be the post link.).
4. Read and enjoy as many of the other writers as well. When you read more, most of them return to read yours.
5. Don’t miss this golden chance to impact the society! Let’s change it for better!

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  1. Magnificent I loved it!

  2. So well done! That photo is amazing. Just keep wanting to stare at it. That haunting...

  3. Lovely haiku. Entrancing picture. Thanks also for speaking up for social change. It is important that writers, artists and musicians do this.

  4. powerfully upsetting....I have been appalled at the recent reported rapes in India, and in general, the attitudes toward women and relationships...Pranita, you wrote of this so well, with perfect outrage....

  5. Totally capturing the angst.

  6. totally captured the angst.

  7. Incredible set...!! The second one made me proud! Very well done!

  8. Very true... Such atrocities scare everyone...

  9. Nothing to say, I guess you know what I would have felt after reading this. :)
    Keep writing!

  10. Hell's fury unleashed when a woman is despised,treated with contempt or disrespect!!